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Engineering favourable outcomes with the use of Data Analytics


We believe in going beyond the typical dashboard by providing a data driven platform that will enable clients to make better, faster and consequential decisions. Insight Connect platform amalgamates the information from various silos and provides a comprehensive view of actionable items.

Campaign Management

Our flagship solution enables the aspirant to run the campaign effectively with Geo-Spatial data management. With realtime updates on the trend across the constituencey, the aspirant can adapt the campaign strategy effectively to ensure a win.

Constituency Management

Elections are not won in a day. It takes time and efffort to nurture a constituencey. Our solution helps to understand the underlying issues impacting the constituencey. Appropriate remedial measures can be taken to improve the popularity based on realtime feedback.

Booth Management App

Management of resources on Election Day is not for the faint hearted. Our solution helps to manage the resources effectively and provide realtime update on the trend of voting.

People Connect

Our solution empowers the citizens by providing a platform to connect with their leader, voice their concerns, and be aware of the applicable welfare schemes.

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Our Offerings

Insight Connect

  • Data Enrichment
  • Digital Booth Slips
  • Booth Prioritization
  • Voter & Team Dashboards
  • Team Setup & Management
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Insight Connect

  • Basic+
  • Issues & Updates
  • Booth Management
  • Issues & Updates Dashboards
  • Geo-Spatial Constituency view
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Insight Connect

  • Pro+
  • Guided Tour Plan
  • Exit Poll/Analysis
  • Media Management
  • Activity Management
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